Words about SEO

Nowadays everyone is talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you type it in _my_ favourite search engine you get around 660 millions of results in a time under one second.

I guess it is time to share my opinion on this topic too (and get one more result if you search for this keyword).

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Entities for the project

If we want to work with a relational database we need our entities which are stored in and loaded from the database. Entities are Java objects which will be mapped to a line in a relational database table.

In this post I’ll introduce the needed entities for the variations project.

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Including Hibernate with Spring

As mentioned in the article series of the Variations project I’ll use Spring as the core business logic framework. For the persistence Layer I’ll introduce now Hibernate.

Hibernate provides a mapping between Java objects and relational database tables and vice versa. Let’s look how to do it.

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