Book review: Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw

I promised applefruity to give him a reply on the book “Learn Python The Hard Way” from Zed A. Shaw — and I thought it is a good opportunity to make it a blog-post.

And because the book helps you to learn Python the hard way I created a simple application — however not from the book itself but I made the book be an application.

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The Diablo 3 API

After telling in two articles that SOAP is out and REST is in, I think it is time to introduce some REST services and an application to access them. The scariest thing in that I’ve read the first articles about REST (around 2009) when it came out into the market but never ever written a REST client (neither a server). But this will change now, five years later.

For this article I’ll look at the Diablo 3 API with Python.

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Python and the GAE — making things Pythonic

After an introduction into “hardcore” SOAP development in Java on the Google App Engine (GAE) I’ll look at the Python side and make a Python project to compare between the two versions.

This article is interesting in two parts: not just because I’ll write about communicating with a SOAP service from Python — I’ll make this from the GAE. These two are currently unknown territories for me. Let’s see what I reach at the end of the article.

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