Flattr — another way to support creators

I have written about Gratipay, a supporting platform for creators with a flavour of long-time crowd-funding.

Today let me introduce Flattr, which is almost the same as Gratipay: you can support creators (developers, musicians, other artists) you like out of your monthly budget. So this is a bit a way around than Gratipay.

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When I start learning a new programming language

One does not simply start to learn a programming language.

And this is the same for me. When I start learning a new programming language I read a brief tutorial about the language (or not, depends on my mood) and then I make some sample projects with that language.

This article is about which pet-applications are ideal learning a new programming language.

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Ordering files in the CKEditor file browser with Liferay

I’ve already written about extending Liferay’s CKEditor with custom Liferay Hooks to implement required functionality.

Today I’ll continue this article with another UseCase where I improved the sorting of the displayed files in the file browser window.

I started to create this article because of this Stack Overflow question.

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Extending CKEditor in Liferay

Perhaps you encountered this problem too: you have a website in LifeRay, with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor but you need a custom tag / functionality in your editor to avoid always tipping HTML / JavaScript code in the text editor tab (for a WordPress example: source code). For this the best solution would be a custom button in the editor.

In this article I’ll show you how to add this custom functionality to CKEditor, one of the usable editors in Liferay.

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Test post with my WP-Editor — Part 1

This is a test post with my md2xml plugin

I am writing a simple Python application, which can convert text written in a specific dialect of mark-down text to a WordPress post.

I do this to have one open-source offline application which helps me to write articles on my commuting to work — in a way I know from LeanPub.

And this is the first part of the application…

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