Why use FindBugs in all your Java projects

FindBugs is a good tool to find hidden problems in your code you would not find with the compiler tool. Some people use the results for blaming co-developers for the findings.

However you should use FindBugs even if you are just starting programming because if you look at the findings, you can learn a bunch of new and useful things.

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Reading from two files parallel in Java

Recently I helped someone at Wizpert who wanted to read from two filers parallel — and do something with the data read (for example merging the two files into one line-by-line).

And I think this would be a good thing to share my wisdom with you here too.

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April’s fool book offer

Because it is April, I started a coupon-month to give away my books on LeanPub for less money than the normal price. The URLs of the books already contain the coupons so if you click on them you will be redirected to the right page and can buy the book cheaper.

I would not wait and buy now. When buying you get a PDF, Mobi and E-Pub version, and all future updates (updates can contain new chapters or error corrections). And if you have bought the book you get the new versions without paying any more money.

The coupons end at 30. April 2015