Working with Java arrays

Newly I’ve had a question at Wizpert about how to print the contents of an array faster than iterating over the array itself if the display order of the elements does not matter?

The asker thought about using threads — however I was for the plain old solution. Let me explain why…

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Greedy motif search

I like learning new things. This is why I’ve joined Finding Hidden Messages in DNA (Bioinformatics I) at Coursera. The pace of this course is really good, however I needed some time figuring out the solution for the “Greedy Motif Search” algorithm — or at least how to implement it in Python.

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UnitTests for almost nothing

If you are a developer who wants maintainable, easy to change code you definitely write unit tests to ensure the functionality.

All programming languages I develop in (Java, Python, Ruby and Elixir) have unit testing libraries. But are your tests really worth being called unit tests?

In this article I try to cover a case where you test almost nothing but get a big percentage of code coverage.

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