In the mean time in Hungary…

I reached over 100 articles in this blog — which is not as much as it could be because I started writing in January 2013.

However this was a very busy and productive time: beside my articles here I changed jobs, written almost three books and learned a lot.

Now I am having less time to write articles here — however I am co-authoring blogs to share my experience on other sites too. If I find the way I will reblog those articles here too — or if not I will just create a simple post containing the URL to that article.

And as you might think this means that I will stop the “one week — one article” posting here because of this schedule of mine. And in the mean time I will be on vacation too to enjoy the summer.

However I have some articles in my mind to write (currently around 30 are in draft or just having a title) so if I find time and the co-authoring stops for a while I will be back and cover beside Java topics some PHP, Ceylon and functional programming.

So I thank you for reading and do not forget to look at this site even in the next weeks because I will share URLs of other blogs where I’ve written some articles.

Filtering files by name in CKEditor’s file browser dialog in Liferay

After I reach the point where I think that my topics covering Liferay are finally done I encounter another task at work which I should solve.

Now it is the filtering of file names in the CKEditor file browser. This goes hand in hand with my previous article where I introduced an ext-plugin which can be used to sort files by their modification date.

The current extension is for those users who do not want to use an ext plugin for sorting by file modification date but want to filter by name.

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