Programming assignment help

If you are stuck with your programming assignment or do not understand the code you’ve got from someone else just contact me and I will help you as much as I can.

In which cases can you help?

If you answer one of the following questions with a clear “YES”, I can be of help for you.

  • Did you code your programming assignment / project and you are getting error(s)?
  • Have you written some parts of your assignment  / project and stuck to solve the remaining parts?
  • Have you downloaded a project from the web and are unable to run it and you want someone who can fix it?
  • Have you got a piece of code from another developer but do not understand how it works?
  • Have you completed your assignment and don’t know whether you are going to get good marks in your assignment / project or not, and do you want someone who can review your assignment / project and tell your the issues (bugs or errors)?

What language?

Java, Python are my core competences. In these cases I can be really of help.

  • Java Assignments / Homeworks
  • Java Programming Assignment / Homeworks
  • Python Assignments / Homeworks
  • Python Programming Assignments / Homeworks

Deadline is tomorrow

Sorry in this case I cannot help you. I cannot do any wonders in short time.

However you can give it a try. It can happen, that I have time and your application can be done in a short way.

A concept

This would be great. Essential would fit better in this concept, because without a clear vision of what to do is development a hard thing — and it results mostly in a bad, unexpected result.

If you do not have a concept, take the time and we can create a concept together. It is not as complicated as it might seem.

How much?

It depends on the work and how much time there is left to complete the assignment.

For small projects I usually get $10-$20, but sometimes for larger project it can go to $100 too.

I am ready to bargain, so if you are short on money you can ask me too, I can eventually help you. However you have to look at it from this perspective: I can make your assignment ready and I will do it good. It should be worth some money.

How to contact?

Contact me at various platforms: you can find me on but I do not provide my e-mail address here. If you really want some help, you can find a way to get in touch with me.

An interesting fact

Sometimes I am asked to make 2-3 mistakes in the programming assignments so that their teacher really believes that he/she did the homework. If you need something like this I can do it for you.

What is the result?

I will give you the source code files with instructions how to compile and run them.

The code is neatly documented, if you request, I can give you a more explained documentation about the code, the ideas behind the implementation.

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