Projects with Databases

As I introduced my favorite projects for programming language learning, it came across my mind to make some more complicated applications too where database usage could be a key element. That is because nowadays most applications need a database behind them to store data — or just collect data from a database filled by another application.

In this article I’ll introduce some projects where databases should be used.

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Liquibase change sets

As told before, we’ll take a closer look at Liquibase, and create the database with this tool. The documentation at the website is very good, they have a lot of tutorials for all needs, so I’ll give you only a short introduction how to convert the showed SQL script to Liquibase, how to run the change sets (from command line and Maven), and give some personal opinions. Later with the examples I’ll include the liquibase execution into the application, so it updates the database automatically at startup. Continue reading

Shaking the foundations

Let’s continue where we left last time.  We want to create the database, the initial tables which we think could be enough for starting the development.

Assume we have chosen the database server we will use for beneath our application and write the SQL script for creating the tables — and we used database specific elements too. But then our client tells us, that the database does not fit his/her needs so we should change to another. Drat. But we re-write our script as follows and we avoid to use any specific keywords.

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