100 days of code in 2017

I have encountered this article. It is about 100 consecutive days of coding in 2017. Now here my thoughts about it.

It is nice to have some new year resolutions improving coding. However as a full-time coder I see it a bit differently and won’t join the movement as it is, I will slightly modify the rules for myself to fit.

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JavaZone videos

Recently I have encountered an URL on Vimeo which contains all the JavaZone videos available.

At Christmas this year I have created a simple scraper to get all the videos into one site to make searching through them easier without using a search on Vimeo or paging through all 1044 videos.

The result is available at my GitHub repository.

If you look carefully you will see that some videos are not English. Currently there is no way to filter them out.

I wish you with this “goodie” a happy new year!