One JAR file for the project

Until this time I started the Variations project only from Eclipse. Some days ago I downloaded the whole code and compiled it in the command line and wanted to start the packaged jar file — however I couldn’t. The cause was a NoClassDefFoundError.

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Running Liquibase Changesets — Part 3: Java application

Last time I’ve shown how to run Liquibase changesets from Maven and I gave a forecast for an ASAP post about Liquibase and Java. Well, the as soon as possible is more than a month but finally I’m here to show you a simple way to integrate Liquibase in your java application.

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Running Liquibase change sets — Part 1: command line

After a brief introduction into Liquibase I continue the topic with using this framework.

There are many options to use Liquibase, I’ll show you some (command line, maven and Java execution) but feel free to look at the website of the tool to get a more detailed documentation of the usages.

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Liquibase change sets

As told before, we’ll take a closer look at Liquibase, and create the database with this tool. The documentation at the website is very good, they have a lot of tutorials for all needs, so I’ll give you only a short introduction how to convert the showed SQL script to Liquibase, how to run the change sets (from command line and Maven), and give some personal opinions. Later with the examples I’ll include the liquibase execution into the application, so it updates the database automatically at startup. Continue reading