Test post with my WP-Editor — Part 1

This is a test post with my md2xml plugin

I am writing a simple Python application, which can convert text written in a specific dialect of mark-down text to a WordPress post.

I do this to have one open-source offline application which helps me to write articles on my commuting to work — in a way I know from LeanPub.

And this is the first part of the application…

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Test post with Quamana

So I try to get some offline tool to use my travel time (daily about 2-3 hours) to get my blog running.

This is Quamana currently. I think I give this free tool a try before I get some commercial. Naturally I’ll try out some products with a price-tag and free trial. If one seems to be a better fit I’ll invest right away and leave the freeware.

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