XML Processing Advanced

As mentioned in an earlier article I’ve written an XML extractor from a SOAP-Response XML to represent the data with iText as a PDF. The XML-Extractor was big, bogus and obtrusive. Lately I’ve got to know XMLBeam which does the same thing I’ve created — but it is more lightweight and reusable. So I switched from my implementation to XMLBeam: removing around 8 classes (average 100 LoC each) and substituting the whole functionality with 136 LoC.

Let’s see how it happened.

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XML Processing and the GAE

The problem with some articles are that I get the idea of them as I work on a specific topic however I end up writing the article itself weeks or months later. This article has the same issue: I thought about it at the middle of may and now I’ve forgotten why I wanted the Google App Engine (GAE) to be a part of the topic.

Let’s see, what I get at the end.

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