Sorting a Java 8 stream and notes on time-based comparison

I have created an article on about SQL-like sorting of Java 8 streams based on object properties and added some notes on my solution where I used comparison based on LocalDateTime.

You can find the article here:

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BeautifulSoup4 vs Scrapy

After the introductory articles on BeautifulSoup and Scrapy I have co-authored a comparison between these two tools with my opinion when to use them in your project.

You can find the article here:

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FreeCodeCamp is not the best you could get for free

I have already written about FreeCodeCamp. Now some time passed and I am on my way to earn their first certificate. And I have seen things which I have to tell you because the site is not as good as it could be. Let me explain why.

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Revamping my books

It is a while I did any writing and I think it is time to finish my books. My goal is to re-write some chapters in Website Scraping with Python to conform the new Scrapy version and Python 3.5 and finish this book at the end of February 2017.

A second goal is to add more exercises to my book Python 3 in Anger and give the base for any reader to continue toward website scraping — even with my bundle.

And for this I give a discount on my books. You can find the URL to the discounted prices under the links above.

Happy reading!