Working with Java arrays

Newly I’ve had a question at Wizpert about how to print the contents of an array faster than iterating over the array itself if the display order of the elements does not matter?

The asker thought about using threads — however I was for the plain old solution. Let me explain why…

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Migrating applets to make them run

I know this is a rare use case, however sometimes you simply have an applet (on a website for example) which is not signed. Or you want to do something illegal and download the applet and get it run locally.

And from the new version of Java 8 these applets do not run anymore.  For the second scenario it will not run because the signature is not for your local machine instead the site where the applet is originally hosted.

So it comes handy if you could find a way to get these applets run on your machine. I try to help you to solve this issue.

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