Dropbox utilities

New job — less time for my variations project. However I have other interesting topics on my mind which I’ll share with you.

This will be a post on the Dropbox API which I used to create a simple application to undelete files in your Dropbox folder. And I developed with Python and with Java.

In this article I’ll explain why did I use two languages — and how to develop a Dropbox application.

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One JAR file for the project

Until this time I started the Variations project only from Eclipse. Some days ago I downloaded the whole code and compiled it in the command line and wanted to start the packaged jar file — however I couldn’t. The cause was a NoClassDefFoundError.

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Test post with Quamana

So I try to get some offline tool to use my travel time (daily about 2-3 hours) to get my blog running.

This is Quamana currently. I think I give this free tool a try before I get some commercial. Naturally I’ll try out some products with a price-tag and free trial. If one seems to be a better fit I’ll invest right away and leave the freeware.

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Spring Initializr

First of all: more delay in the posts because I’ve changed my job this week so I do not have as much time to write as I prefer.

And now about this article: the Initializr project of Spring is something you can start along with. I’ve found it as I went through the Spring Boot project for some fun.

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